Youth wrestling club competes in tournaments

Youth wrestling club competes in tournaments The following members of the Vermillion Youth Wrestling Club participated in several area youth wrestling tournaments:

Dakota Valley Tournament: Tanner Mart � fourth, Nick Mart � first, Chris Mart � second, William Mart � fourth, Casey Carlson � second, JR Moore � second, Michael Wingen � first, Austin Martinson � third, Joey Brewer � third, Matthew Moore � third, Chris Weber � third, Nick Irvine � fourth.

Brandon Valley Tournament: Aaron Steele � second, Ryan O'Connor � second, Joey Brewer � fourth, JR Moore � first, Austin Martinson � third, Michael Wingen � second.

Bon Homme Tournament: Dylan Fischbach � third, Ryan Fischbach � fourth.

Yankton Tournament: Casey Carlson � first, Andrew Eidem � third, Eric McPherson � third, Matthew Moore � fourth, Joey Brewer � second, JR Moore � second, Michael Wingen � second, Aaron Steele � fourth, Tyler Steele � third, Cole Johnson � fourth, Wyatt Johnson � third, Ryan O'Connor � third, Austin Martinson � fourth.

The Vermillion Wrestling Club practices at the high school on Wednesday from 6:30 to 8 p.m. and is open to all over age 5.

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