Bach’s Coffee Cantata to be performed March 30

Bach's Coffee Cantata to be performed March 30 USD music student and faculty will recreate a Bach tradition March 30 by performing at the Coffee Shop Gallery on Main Street.

In the 18th century, Bach performed at Zimmerman's Coffee House in Leipzig every Friday evening. USD music professor John Thomson said, "Bach even wrote a hilarious comedy called the Coffee Cantata joking about the coffee drinking craze of the time, and also poking fun at the war between genders. He would have performed this very piece at Zimmerman's, and so we will do the same here at the Coffee Shop Gallery.

"It will be a fun evening. People can come in for their coffee and snacks, hear as much music as they want in this informal setting, and go on with their Friday evening activities," he added.

Other instrumental music will also be performed, as Bach did at his coffee concerts. The event begins at 8 p.m. Donations towards music scholarships will be gratefully accepted. Checks can be made payable to USD Foundation.

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