Cats to be trapped at mobile home courts

Cats to be trapped at mobile home courts The owners of Suburban Estates, Evergreen Court and Dakota Village will begin trapping cats March 26 in an effort to curb the "wild" cat population in the neighborhoods.

"We have permission from the city animal control officer to do the trapping," said Tom Durham of Durham Rentals. "We will use live traps and they will be checked every day."

The trapping will continue for about two weeks.

According to trailer court rules, all pets are to be kept inside the homes. Pet owners who let their cats outside are urged to keep them in or risk their animal being trapped.

Trapped cats will be turned over to the city animal control officer. Residents who own cats are urged to call him at 677-7050 for further details.

"Wild" cats in these neighborhoods are "getting out of hand," Durham said. They tear up garbage sacks and spread the trash around and use space under trailers for "litter boxes," creating a foul odor for tenants.

In addition to trapping, solutions to the problem include: not feeding stray cats; keeping pets indoors; take unwanted pets to local shelters or the humane society rather than abandoning them; spay or neuter pets; and cover trash bins.

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