City paves way for business expansion

City paves way for business expansion by David Lias The city of Vermillion approved a resolution Monday that will help pave the way for a future business development here.

The city council agreed to authorize the city to submit an industrial park grant application for a street to be constructed between Crawford Road and Norbeck Street to provide access to Quality Telemarketing's new offices.

Quality Telemarketing has operated for several years in office space located in the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce building.

Michael Albers, president of the firm, has taken steps to move the business to the vacant Sioux Tools building.

He plans to use only a portion of the building for his firm, however. He wants to build a parking lot on that side of the building, and provide access with a new street.

The street and development of an industrial park in the area of the building comes at a crucial time for Vermillion.

Quality Telemarketing is expanding its business and creating an additional 100 full time equivalent jobs here.

Ultimately, the business could have up to 400 full and part-time employees on its payroll.

That's good news in the wake of the recent news that Gateway is eliminating approximately 380 workers at its call center here effective March 25.

Vermillion, in conjunction with the submission of the grant application, has assured the South Dakota Department of Transportation that the city and Quality Telemarketing agree to dedicate the right-of-way for the new street, the city will accept responsibility for the street's ownership and maintenance, and will pay for engineering costs.

The city will also make available as a local match a sum equal to 20 percent of the eligible street project costs.

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