Gateway cuts effective soon, followed by ‘significant hiring’

Gateway cuts effective soon, followed by 'significant hiring' by David Lias Nearly 400 employees at the Gateway emissary operation located in Vermillion will be terminated soon.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that Gateway plans to soon hire a significant number of people at the Vermillion location to work in several select areas.

Gateway informed the affected employees in January that they would be losing their jobs and that the emissary operation would be shutdown.

Gateway's plant in North Sioux City also is facing cuts, and an additional 200 workers at the computer manufacturing firm's Sioux Falls facility are being laid off.

Gateway spokesman Tyson Heyn, at company headquarters in San Diego, CA, told the Plain Talk Monday that job position eliminations are scheduled to occur during a 14-day period beginning on March 26.

At the same time, the company is gearing up to add people to its work force here.

"We're currently hiring in three different areas in Vermillion," Heyn said. Those areas, he said, are "outbound sales, where basically we initiate calls to potential clients to purchase a PC, another area is regarding our training operations and scheduling of classes in our facilities, and outbound service calls as well, where we work to resolve client issues."

He sounded optimistic about the future of Vermillion's Gateway site and the level of future hiring.

"We could have a significant level of hiring taking place for those positions, and it does require different skills than those used by employees being affected in the work force reduction," he added, "but we certainly are very interested in interviewing those employees and determining whether they have the skills that can be applied to those new positions."

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