Jane Slaughter to present Women’s History Month lecture March 22 at USD

Jane Slaughter to present Women's History Month lecture March 22 at USD Dr. Jane Slaughter, professor of Women's History at The University of New Mexico, will present the Women's History Month and March Sigma Xi Lecture, "Bodies and Borders: Women's Bodies, Public Health and National Welfare" at The University of South Dakota on Thursday, March 22, from 8 to 9 p.m. in Churchill-Haines 118.

Slaughter's lecture concerns one of the important issues in global health. Various scholars have argued that people project their political ideals and social anxieties onto women's bodies. The reproductive body of the mother is a "national" resource, while the sexual body of the prostitute is dangerous and even "foreign." The "border" between these two bodies, both figuratively and practically, is often defined in terms of national welfare and public health.

This discussion will consider the real and imagined defenses of these borders through examples of turn-of-the-20th Century panics about prostitution, debates about sexual behavior and military strength in wartime, and the recent political debates and world health issues connected to international sex tourism.

Slaughter is a nationally recognized scholar in Women's History and the History of Modern Europe. In 1998 she was a finalist for the Asher Distinguished Teaching Award of the American Historical Association and was appointed the University of New Mexico Presidential Teaching Fellow. She has received the Burlington Northern Outstanding Teaching Award, and has been a Scholar in Residence of the Rockefeller Foundation at the University of Arizona.

Her lecture is sponsored by the Department of History, Sigma Xi Science Honorary, USD Office of Research, and "Global Health" IDEA Theme.

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