Letters Ketcham's efforts greatly appreciated

To the editor:

In late January of this year, Gateway announced their company planned to eliminate the Emissary positions at the Vermillion Gateway site. In keeping with the company's plans, employment separations were proposed to begin on March 25.

Since January, we have been happy to see that Gateway plans have changed and they will be expanding some other job functions within their Vermillion facility, resulting in retention of numerous jobs. We have been told that a majority of personnel whose jobs were scheduled to be lost would be retrained for other customer support positions. In addition, the company plans to expand and grow in the outbound sales area.

This local job save is a result of community loyalty and leadership, especially the leadership of Gateway Center Director Lisa Ketcham. After hearing the original position cutback announcement, Ketcham began working with corporate officials to find ways to secure those jobs. We are fortunate to have Ketcham advocating for our community on behalf of the quality employees, the quality of life and the continued economic growth potential in Vermillion.

In our small city of Vermillion, we are proud of our businesses and Ketcham has demonstrated her pride and dedication to Vermillion. We wish to publicly thank Ketcham for all that she has done to keep Vermillion viable and prosperous.

This latest announcement reflects the positive economic growth and development track Vermillion is on and we have much to look forward to working together as businesses and as a community.

Jill LeCates

Vermillion Chamber of Commerce

John Paulson

Vermillion Development Company

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