Letters Thank you for walking in relay

To the editor:

I would like to thank everyone in the community who attended the Relay for Life. Thank you for remembering about the people who died from or survived cancer. I think it is thoughtful of everyone.

Thank you to Vermillion Medical Clinic who walked for Julie. Thank you also for letting the Jolley Juniorettes 4-H group walk as a part of that team. With a team spirit we're all winners even though some of us have never had cancer. Maybe someday with the help of money raised by Relay for Life there will be a cure for cancer.

Tia Krier

Jolley Juniorette 4-H Group


Meals on Wheels volunteers appreciated

To the editor:

Having ridden along with a late delivery of "Meals on Wheels" two weeks ago (signed up delivery people forgot to come), I am convinced we should say a big "thank you" to those volunteers that have been delivering the meals this winter.

Icy streets and icy sidewalks have been a real challenge for them. At ages 82 and 79, we have not delivered in the winter months.

A thank you to Joe Sippel for carrying meals from the car to the resident doors on this particular day.

Again, thank you to the Meals on Wheels volunteers from the community.

Roy and Helen Jorgensen


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