Olson no outcast during visits with elementary students Tuesday afternoon

Olson no outcast during visits with elementary students Tuesday afternoon Lynn Moore, secretary at Jolley Elementary School, presents Survivor star and Jolley alum Mitchell Olson with a special greeting. by David Lias Mitchell Olson survived just a few weeks in the rugged conditions of the Australian Outback as a member of the Ogakor tribe on the CBS television show Survivor.

He found himself in much more friendly, and much more familiar territory Tuesday afternoon, however, as he strolled down the hallways of first Austin Elementary and later Jolley Elementary School.

He couldn't help but see familiar faces. Olson, from Burbank, attended both schools as a youngster, and several of his teachers from those days are still busy in the schools' classrooms.

They greeted him warmly in the hallways as they prepared their students to meet with him.

Olson told an assembly of Jolley Elementary students that the experience of being on Survivor taught him about responsibility and fairness.

"In order for our camp to run smoothly, we all had to have certain responsibilities," he said. "My responsibility when we would wake up each day was to get into a canoe and to

we didn't have food, and we couldn't survive."

He told the students that he was treated fairly by his fellow tribe members � even when he was voted off the continent.

"I felt that they probably felt I was ready to leave, and I was ready to go," he said. "I was tired, I was weak, I was hungry, and I knew that Keith was stronger than I was."

Olson told the students that he knew that Keith, who was locked in tie vote with him at the end of Olson's last episode, would survive longer.

"I felt it was fair to bow out at that point, and say I'm ready to leave and let Keith take over," Olson said.

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