Oswald is PRIDE employee of month

Oswald is PRIDE employee of month Bonnie Oswald was selected by the Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus Employee PRIDE Committee as the February 2001 PRIDE Employee of the Month. Oswald has worked in the laboratory for 10 years. She is married to Lowell Oswald.

Oswald is a medical laboratory technician and has been recognized by her co-workers and fellow employees at Sioux Valley for her "excellent care and professionalism."

"Bonnie is a great example of Service Excellence and her dedication makes it possible for us to provide comprehensive health care in Vermillion, said John Paulson, CEO. Oswald fully represents the components of the PRIDE Award � personalized service, respect, innovation, dedication and excellence, he added.

"Bonnie is a very important part of our laboratory team and I value her contribution to the service we provide. Bonnie is always there when she is needed and goes out of her way to ensure that the needs of the patients and staff are fulfilled," said Max Andersen, director of Laboratory Services.

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