Property tax reduction deadline is March 15

Property tax reduction deadline is March 15 If you're living in a different home or a new home, the deadline for filing the owner-occupied, single family dwelling certificate that makes you eligible for a property tax reduction in Thursday, March 15.

"Everyone who has moved into a new or different home needs to make sure they've signed up for their property tax reduction. I want to make sure everyone who is eligible gets their property taxes reduced," Gov. Bill Janklow said.

Any South Dakota homeowner who owned and occupied a home on Nov. 1, 2000 is eligible for this classification and their property tax reduction. Taxpayers who have received the reductions previously and still own and occupy the same home will continue to receive the property tax reduction without filing a new certificate. They do not need to file again.

The 2001 valuation notices that taxpayers have received since March 1 will indicate if the property is classified as owner-occupied. Homeowners are advised to check their notices to make sure their property is classified as owner-occupied for the lower tax rate.

Taxpayers who have purchased a home, have built a new home prior to Nov. 1, 2000, or have previously not applied for the classification must apply to the county director of equalization by March 15.

If you need a form or have any questions regarding the owner-occupied certificate contact the Director of Equalization in your county or the Property and Special Taxes Division of the South Dakota Department of Revenue in Pierre at (605) 773-3139.

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