Small group contest a success

Small group contest a success On Tuesday, March 6, members of the Vermillion High School Symphonic Winds attended the SDHSAA Region I Solo-Ensemble Contest at USD. Of their 50 entries, the participants received 39 Division I (superior) ratings (78 percent), 10 Division II (excellent) ratings (20 percent) and one Division III (good) rating (2 percent). The band members were awarded a total of 121 superior medals.

The following soloists were awarded superior ratings: Victoria Collins, flute; Britt Fremstad, flute; Kristi Rath, flute; Deanna Russell, flute; Catherine Odson, oboe; Jenna Williams, oboe; Rhiannon Chandler, clarinet; Molly Beeman, bass clarinet; Ben Williams (I+), alto saxophone; Alexis Lang, trumpet; Ben McBride (I+), trumpet; Adam Nelson, horn; Fred Banks, tuba; Jon Hoadley, timpani; Jon Hoadley, snare drum; Lindsey Isaacson, snare drum; Patrick Ondrozeck; snare drum; Jon Hoadley, marimba; Jon Hoadley, viola.

The following soloists received excellent ratings: Jessica Leffers (II+), clarinet; Paul Abourezk, alto saxophone; Kayla Nelson, tenor saxophone; Zach Holoch, trumpet; Elizabeth Slagle, trumpet.

The following ensembles received superior ratings: Flute Choir (Amanda Aga, Jenny Bremer, Melissa Buum, Katie Cafruny, Victoria Collins, Britt Fremstad, Suzanna Kitzler, Meggie Paulson, Kristi Rath, Maya Ristic, Deanna Russell), Flute Duet (Collins, Russell), Oboe Duet (Catherine Odson, Jenna Williams), Clarinet Choir (Molly Beeman, Rhiannon Chandler, Diana Clark Savannah Day, Audrey Foltz, Rebecca Gehm, Sarah Gregg, Ellen Kennedy, Jessica Leffers, Sarah Lias, Deepti Naik, Kaia Nelson, Rachel Nelson, Jeanette Nygaard, Reina Wipf), Clarinet Quartet (Gehm, Leffers, Foltz, Beeman), Clarinet Trio (Chandler, Naik, Nygaard), Clarinet Duet (Naik, Nygaard), Saxophone Choir (Paul Abourezk, Christine Berry, Colette Joy, Kayla Nelson, Darryl Neufeld, Katie Pommersheim, Karl Reasoner, Kristian Reynolds, Ben Williams), Saxophone Quartet (B. Williams, Pommersheim, Neufeld, Reynolds), Saxophone Trio (Reasoner, Joy, K. Nelson), Woodwind Quintet (Collins, J. Williams, Chandler, Adam Nelson, Beeman), Woodwind Trio (Rath, Odson, Nygaard), Trumpet Choir (Jennifer Frye, Zach Holoch, Alexis Lang, Ben McBride, Katie McDonald, Steven Millage, Collin Prosser, Heather Reeves, Elizabeth Slagle, Karen Sorensen), Trumpet Quartet (Lang, McBride, Slagle, Reeves), Trumpet Duet (McBride, A. Nelson), Tuba Ensemble (Fred Banks, John Giedosh, Jon Rusch, Adam Yeager), Brass Quintet (Lang, McBride, A. Nelson, Mark Rusch, Banks), Percussion Ensemble (Eliot Armstrong, Lisa Doohen, Jon Hoadley, Lindsey Isaacson, Alex Lynaugh, Sarah Merrigan, Nicki Nelson, Patrick Ondrozeck, Theresa Ring, Jimmy Taylor), Drum Quartet (Armstrong, Hoadley, Isaacson, Ondrozeck).

The following ensembles received excellent ratings: Flute Quartet (Collins, Fremstad, Rath, Russel), Clarinet Trio (K. Nelson, R. Nelson, Wipf), Woodwind Duet (Cafruney, Leffers), Woodwind Duet (J. Williams, Chandler), Horn Quartet (Megan Deaver, Chris Hayes, Cassie McBride, A. Nelson).

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