‘Spirit Mound After Lewis and Clark’ to be presented at Over Museum Saturday

'Spirit Mound After Lewis and Clark' to be presented at Over Museum Saturday Kent Scribner, vice president for gift planning at The University of South Dakota Foundation and an amateur Lewis and Clark historian, will present his study on "Spirit Mound After Lewis and Clark" at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 10, at the W.H. Over Museum in Vermillion.

The program is part of the museum's ongoing Saturday morning offerings.

In his presentation Scribner will relate a capsule history of Spirit Mound Township in Clay County, beginning with Meriwether Lewis' and William Clark's nine-mile detour from the Missouri River in 1804 to examine the natural prairie landmark, legendary to Indian tribes of that time, since known as Spirit Mound.

What might have been "any other township" in South Dakota has had a life of its own, in part because the mound itself has remained legendary to latter generations of Native Americans, fur traders, settlers, farm families, and builders of churches, schools and power plants.

More recently the hill has become a focal point for both public and private interests who are involved in a race to restore Spirit Mound to its natural prairie beginnings in time for the national Lewis and Clark Bicentennial planned for 2003-2006.

Scribner recently helped form, and was elected secretary, of the new Sergeant Floyd Tri-State Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc., a national organization of scholars and other enthusiasts who chronicle the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition and its importance to United States history.

The regional chapter is intended for interested persons from Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, and will focus its activity on that portion of the Missouri River roughly 100 miles both upstream and downstream from Sioux City.

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