Statewide diabetes screening April 22-28 in South Dakota

Statewide diabetes screening April 22-28 in South Dakota Sites across the state are lining up to provide free blood glucose testing for Gov. Janklow's statewide Diabetes Screening Project, April 22-28.

"Early diagnosis and control is so important to reducing complications and helping people with diabetes lead healthy lives," said Doneen Hollingsworth, secretary of health. "That's why we're working to set up a statewide screening that will give as many adult South Dakotans as possible the chance to get a blood glucose test for free. If the screening finds somebody whose glucose is high, they'll be referred on for diagnosis and treatment."

Hollingsworth said hospitals, clinics, community groups and individuals from across the state are all working with the state to organize as many screening locations as possible.

"The support for this project has been tremendous. Local hospitals and grocery stores have agreed to be screening sites. Implement dealers have offered funding support. Student nurses have volunteered to help screen and community volunteers have offered to help with registration," said the secretary. "It's that kind of support that will help us to reach thousands of South Dakotans with this important screening."

By March 1, 170 clinics were confirmed in 70 different communities for the April event. More than 100 additional sites were tentatively scheduled and waiting to confirm times and locations. A few sites have already held screening clinics, but the bulk of activity will take place in April.

Clinic schedules are regularly updated on the project's web site, The site also includes a brief questionnaire to help determine the risk of diabetes, basic information about the disease and a list of contributing partners for the screening.

Hollingsworth encouraged people to complete the questionnaire to find out their risk of diabetes. Individuals at high risk for diabetes are especially encouraged to be screened but the clinics will be open to all adults over age 25.

An estimated 40,000 South Dakotans have diabetes, diagnosed and undiagnosed. Complications from diabetes can lead to blindness, lower extremity amputations, heart disease, end-stage renal disease, and difficulties in pregnancy and delivery.

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