Tomhave bowls perfect game at Prairie Lanes

Tomhave bowls perfect game at Prairie Lanes After almost 40 years of bowling and countless times of being so close to a perfect game, Dennis Tomhave of Vermillion rolled his first 300 on Feb. 15 at Prairie Lanes.

Tomhave, who bowls in the Commercial League, has bowled 296, 289, 288, 279 (eight times), 278 (eight times), 277 (twice), 276 and 275, so the 300 score was a special reward for his efforts.

The evening was not lost on his Edwards Construction teammates, either. They set the all-time five-man team single game (1204) and series (3420) records at Prairie Lanes. Members of the team, in addition to Tomhave, are Michael Kruse, Kevin Annis, Larry Edwards and Mike Kruse. The 1204 game is an average of 240.8 per man, and the 3420 series is an average of 228 per game. The old team game record was 1158 and the old team series record was 3199.

But Tomhave isn't finished with his excellent season. On Feb. 28, he had another shot at perfection in the USD Faculty/Staff League, only to fall one pin short, rolling a 299.

Tomhave is a geologist for the South Dakota Geological Survey. He is also an instructor of earth science at The University of South Dakota. He started bowling at age 7 and in 1965, began bowling in junior leagues. Tomhave began ABC men's league competition in 1971 and bowled for St. Cloud State University in 1974.

He started bowling at Prairie Lanes in 1979 and has been a league secretary/treasurer there for 20 years. He has also been a member of 15 league champion teams and a member of the state team championship in 1996. He attends the national bowling tournament each year, bowling with Team USA.

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