Two Vermillion boxers impressive in debut

Two Vermillion boxers impressive in debut Five Vermillion Boxing Team (VBT) members traveled to Ord, NE on Saturday, March 3. Three boxers, Dustin Seney, Chonka Wilch, and Britta Cooke were matched and Joey Kemp and Ben Bazemore were not able to secure a match.

Seney competed in the first match of his amateur career, as did Cooke. Seney's opponent was Alex Quintana from the Kearney Boxing Team (KBT). Seney displayed a good understanding of the fundamentals of boxing and fundamentally he appeared to be the more sound boxer; however, his more experienced opponent landed more scoring punches. In amateur boxing, punches landed score points and although good punching, blocking and moving techniques are essential, the most punches landed wins the bout.

Cooke faced Amber Herren of the KBT. Both boxers were in their initial contest and both came out aggressively landing solid punches in the first few seconds. To Cooke's credit, she maintained a better stance and demonstrated quicker hand speed which resulted in more blows landing.

As a result, an eight count was administered to her opponent. After the eight count, Cooke continued her onslaught of punches and the referee stopped the contest in round one. Boxer safety is paramount in amateur boxing.

Wilch, in his seventh bout, faced Blake Faria also of the KBT. It was obvious from the first bell that this bout would be a crowd pleaser. Both boxers weren't willing to take a step back and slugged through round one. Round two saw Wilch using more foot work and effective counter-punches. The combination of boxing and slugging with an older and larger opponent took its toll on Wilchand the boxer's fatigue at the end of round two was evident. As the bell for round three sounded, Coach Marclef Zimiga turned to the referee and stopped the bout.

"Our boxers' safety is my top priority and I do my best to not let the intensity of the moment get the best of me," said Zimiga. "A bruised ego is easy to mend; a broken spirit is hard to fix."

VBT travels to Pierce, NE for action this Saturday. Preparation continues for the April Junior Olympics-Sturgis, upcoming Golden Gloves and the Under 19 championships.

VBT gratefully acknowledges the generous assistance from the Vermillion business community in support of the team.

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