Boys’ tennis team opens season with triangular

Boys' tennis team opens season with triangular The new head boys' tennis coach for Vermillion High School, Nick Hovden, took his charges to Yankton March 31 for the first matches of the season in a triangular including both Yankton and Heelan high schools.

Team Scores: Yankton 9, Vermillion 0.

Singles: Ryan Elwood (Y) def. Chris Yutrzenka 8-0; Kevin Meyer (Y) def. Jason Holoch 8-2; Dan Carey (Y) def. Nathan Scheidel 8-0; Shaun Blum (Y) def. Steve Foltz 8-1; Ben Scholtz (Y) def. Tim Goodman 8-3; Jake Drotzman (Y) def. Mark Vickery 8-1.

Doubles: Elwood/Meyer (Y) def. Yutrzenka/Foltz 8-0; Carey/Blum (Y) def. Holoch/Scheidel 8-2; Drotzman/Rajiv/Somepalli (Y) def. Goodman/Vickery 8-0.

Exhibition: Jacob Liudahl (Y) def. Harsh Patel 6-0; J.J. Peterson (Y) def. Ben Schimelfening 6-0; Cosmo Saunders (Y) def. Patel 6-0; Liudahl (Y) def. Schimlfening 6-0; Travis Ekeren (Y) def. Dan Day 6-1; Saunders (Y) def. Anthony Rath 6-1; Day (V) def. Peterson 6-4. Doubles: Saunders/Peterson (Y) def. Patel/Day 6-3; Liudahl/Peterson (Y) def. Schimelfening/Day 6-1; Liudahl/Saunders (Y) def. Patel/Schimelfening 6-0.

Team Scores: Heelan 7, Vermillion 2.

Singles: Neil Mathey (H) def. Chris Yutrzenka 8-4; Aaron Gehling (H) def. Jason Holoch 9-7; Brian Keane (H) def. Nathan Scheidel 8-5; Joe Greisel (H) def. Steve Foltz 8-6; Dave Donaldson (H) def. Tim Goodman 8-5; Brian Ratino (H) def. Mark Vickery 9-8 (7-5).

Doubles: Mathey/Gehling (H) def. Yutrzenka/Foltz 8-1; Holoch/Scheidel (V) def. Keane/Griesel 8-5; Goodman/Vickery (V) def. Donaldson/Kuehl 8-6.

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