Daschle saddened by Bill Radigan’s death

Daschle saddened by Bill Radigan's death Senator Tom Daschle entered remarks into the March 29 Congressional Record about Vermillion Mayor Bill Radigan who died March 27.

The senator's remarks were:

"Mr. President, I was deeply saddened today to learn of the passing of a dedicated public servant and a dear friend to South Dakota and to me. Bill Radigan spent his entire life serving those around him, and he will certainly be missed.

"As a young man, Bill joined the Army Air Corps, so that he could serve his country during World War II. After the war, he returned to his hometown of Vermillion, South Dakota to continue what would become a lifelong commitment to public service. He served Clay County with the U.S. Postal Service for 35 years and coordinated Vermillion's school bus system. Thousands across the state benefitted from Bill's work with the American Legion and the VFW, where he served as secretary of the South Dakota Teener Baseball program for more than 30 years, and as State Quartermaster/Adjutent for nearly 50 years. For 55 years he

was a member of the Vermillion Volunteer Fire Department, where he served as secretary-treasurer. Bill was a dedicated husband to his wife Susie, the loving father of 11, and a grandfather to many.

"In 1988, Bill ran for, and was elected to, the Vermillion City Council. Six years later he was elected mayor. Vermillion has been well served by its mayor, and, under his leadership, the city has embarked on a number of exciting projects that will sustain the community's prosperity well into the future.

"Bill Radigan's list of accomplishments is certainly impressive. But those activities only began to scratch the surface of who Bill was and why he will be

missed. Bill didn't engage in public service because he wanted to add to a list of accomplishments. He simply saw something that needed to be done, and he stepped forward to answer the call. From serving in the military, to agreeing to help drive busloads of children to school, no job was too daunting, or too insignificant, for Bill Radigan.

"As a mayor, Bill was universally recognized as someone who was fair, who truly valued citizen involvement in the governing process, and who cared deeply about his community. From the business community to college students, Bill Radigan truly valued every Vermillion citizen's thoughts on the issues confronting the city. I have never heard of anyone who thought they were treated unfairly by Bill Radigan, and even those with whom he disagreed found him sincere and honest. Bill Radigan was effective because he based every decision he made as mayor on what he thought was best for the community. Mr. President, we could

all learn a lot from Bill Radigan's commitment to his community and his approach to government.

"I wish to express my sincere condolences to Bill Radigan's family and to the people of Vermillion. Mayor Radigan was a dedicated father, a model public

servant, and a wonderful person. We will miss him."

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