Letters Vote yes to regain pride

To the editor:

Having lived in Wakonda my whole life, I've always felt privileged. I can't remember a single time that our community wasn't ready to help someone in need. We would pull together for all types of benefits, whether it was to purchase a new ambulance for the first responders, install a new gym floor, or improve our swimming pool. It felt great knowing that I lived in a community that had so much pride.

Whenever I tell people that I have 16 students in my class, and my town had a population of about 300 they say, "Wow, I'd hate to go to that small of a school in that small of a town." Well the truth is, I've never hated it. In fact, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

I'm glad I grew up in a school where I know everyone and can turn to anyone for help. It feels good to know that the adults support us in everything we do. They always prove it by showing up for various fund raisers, volunteering to be our Sunday School teachers, Boy and Girl Scout leaders, or just by cheering us on at our sporting and musical events.

When the public went to the polls on Nov. 14 to vote on the school bond issue, I was sure that it would pass, especially in our community full of pride. When it didn't, I was upset, but I knew Wakonda would pull through on the second vote. Well, that didn't pass either. I've heard some negative comments, and I couldn't help but think that our community didn't care about its children anymore; that maybe our education wasn't important.

But then I remembered the pride we once had, and I know that it is still there. Just go to a basketball game or a school play, and you're bound to see it. I'm not asking for the most elaborate new addition ever; I would just like to see Wakonda regain the pride that I believe we still have. Please vote "yes" on May 8, for our children's and our community's future.

Ashley Logue

Wakonda High School


Get facts straight before voting

To the editor:

We are writing to encourage everyone please to get the facts straight before making a decision on how to vote in the upcoming school bond election to be held in Wakonda on May 8.

There are an awful lot of misconceptions and untruths floating around and we think as a responsible citizen it is your duty to find out the facts. Don't believe everything your neighbor tells you. You know how rumors get going and maybe what you're hearing is only part of the truth.

Take 30 minutes and go to the school and visit with the business manager, the superintendent or a school board member. See for yourself what the needed repairs are and get the facts straight before you vote.

There will be one last public meeting on Monday, April 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the small gymnasium. If you have not yet attended a meeting, please do so before making a hasty decision; you might learn something you didn't know!

Daryl and Donna Henriksen


Vote yes on bond issue

To the editor:

I would like to encourage Wakonda School District voters to vote yes on the bond issue May 8.

After voting no on the previous vote, I went to the school and asked for more information on the bond. The secretary, Kim, was very helpful in providing information and responding to my questions without trying to sway my opinion.

I voted no on the prior vote because I felt the tax burden was distributed unfairly, placing the primary burden on landowners. I still think a flat tax distributed evenly across the district would be fairer. I realize, however, that the school has worked to resolve this issue for nearly four years. I hope and trust that if there is a fairer way to distribute the tax burden they would have looked into it. Furthermore, I was glad to see that the bond committee revised their plans and shaved off $350,000 from the previous bond. This will help relieve some of the tax burden.

I agree with a recent editorial that it is the teachers, not buildings, that make a great school. Although teacher pay is not addressed in the bond proposal, the renovations and additions planned for the school are long overdue. Updating classrooms, basic maintenance, and fixing problems like poor heat distribution are necessary to the proper functioning of any school. Better working conditions and resources will provide teachers and children with what they need to teach and learn in a changing and more technologically advanced world.

The changes will strengthen community resources as well. For instance, the inclusion of a community library, with computer access, is a plus. Living out of town, I can never make it to the limited hours of the current library. These additions will help retain the children we have in this district and potentially draw new ones.

The cost of voting "no" may be much greater. Since without the proposed revisions, we may be denying children the chance to learn from the community they grew up in and possiblydenying Wakonda School, and the community a chance to survive.

As a parent, sending my children to the Wakonda School appeals to me because of the caring people in this district. Community is very important to me. I come from a small suburb outside of Cincinnati that created one of the best school districts in the state of Ohio. It is important to maintain our schools. I feel my vote yes in May will help create a quality school, in a quality community.

Grace Freeman

Rural Vermillion

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