Letters Nesselhuf urges amendment's support

To the editor:

On April 10, there is an important election in South Dakota. It's an opportunity for South Dakota voters to establish trust funds that will benefit our children and grandchildren. I hope every registered voter takes time to vote on these two very important constitutional amendments.

The first, Amendment A, establishes a trust fund for proceeds from the sale of the cement plant. The South Dakota Investment Council will invest the principal of this trust fund and all interest earned will go to education. This vote is not about whether you agree or disagree with the sale of the cement plant; it is about providing a funding source for our children's education for many years into the future.

Next we have Constitutional Amendment B. This amendment again establishes two trust funds: a health care trust fund from the intergovernmental transfer fund and a education enhancement trust fund from the proceeds of the tobacco settlement. Again, this is an opportunity for us, as voters, to guarantee a stream of revenue to our state's health and education systems.

Both of these amendments are important to the future generations of South Dakota. Please join me at the polls on April 10 and vote yes on Constitutional Amendments A and B.

Rep. BJ Nesselhuf

District 17


Vote yes for amendments April 10

To the editor:

April 10 is an important election for all the voters in the State of South Dakota. Within the past few months, the Legislature and governor have made some bold decisions that could be very long lasting for our citizens. We have sold the cement plant and we are asking you to allow us to put that money and the other one time monies into two separate trust funds for education and health care.

Amendment A places the $252 million from the sale of the cement plant into a trust fund which would be managed by the South Dakota Investment Council, the same council that invests the South Dakota Retirement Fund. Each year $12M would be taken from that fund and put into the General Fund for the Legislature and governor to spend. Except for the $12M transfer, the principal cannot be spent. With any growth over $12M the Legislature may spend an amount equal to 5 percent of the value of the trust fund for the support of educational programs.

Amendment B would place the other one time monies into two trust funds, and 5 percent of the trust funds value can be spent annually. The money from the tobacco settlement and the Youth-at-Risk funds would be placed in the education enhancement trust fund. The money in this trust fund is dedicated to education enhancement programs.

The second fund addressed in this amendment is the health care trust fund which would be established with money from intergovernmental transfers. The distributions in this trust fund are dedicated to health care related programs.

The reason that I support both of these constitutional amendments is to make certain that the principal remains whole. I see this as an opportunity to put money to work for us, the citizens of South Dakota. If we leave the money in the general fund, it will be spent a little at a time and have no impact. If we leave that money in these trust funds, the money can grow, we can spend the dividends and it can be an ongoing way to help fund education and health care. And, a portion of that interest will be left so the principal will grow with inflation.

Let us not be short sighted; we need to have these monies secured by a constitutional amendment.

Please vote Yes on Amendments A and B for the future of South Dakota.

John "Joe" Reedy

State Senator, District 17


Richardson endorses Olson's candidacy

To the editor:

I am extremely pleased that Drake Olson is running for the Vermillion City Council from the Central Ward. Drake is a life-long resident of Vermillion who is deeply committed to the city. His positions on economic development, historic preservation, community beautification, and community-university relations are well thought-out and highly appropriate.

Vermillion is clearly poised to enter a new and exciting chapter in its development. Drake Olson represents the next generation of bright, committed individuals who have much to offer to our community. I heartily endorse his candidacy.


William D. Richardson


Musical's cast appreciates community response

To the editor:

On behalf of the United Church of Christ, Congregational and the cast and crew of A Christmas Carol, I would like to thank the entire community for its support and enthusiasm for our December production of the Charles Dickens classic. We are proud to announce that our four-day production netted $4,871.81, which will all be given to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of South Dakota.

We appreciate enormously the outpouring of gifts and donations that came from the Vermillion community. Herren Schempp Building Supply, the Broadcaster Press, the Plain Talk, the Civic Council, First National Bank, Vermillion Printing and numerous other businesses and friends helped the production come to life with their generosity.

Most importantly, we greatly appreciate the hearty support of the audience members who braved inclement weather to make it to the show. In doing so, we all helped make a child's life a little brighter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The cast, crew and friends of the UCC had a wonderful experience producing the show! We are thankful and delighted to have shared the Christmas spirit with so many. "God Bless Everyone!"


Buffie Main, director


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