Mediacom rolls out digital services

Mediacom rolls out digital services Mediacom announced Monday that it will begin the rollout of digital cable services in Vermillion on April 9.

"We are working hard to bring the latest digital services to Vermillion and are excited about providing all of the services that customers have been asking for," said General Manager Doug Bierschbach.

"Customers who order digital service will immediately discover the 'digital difference' with over 100 exciting new channels, enhanced quality of picture and sound, and an on-screen navigator," he added. "The on-screen navigator is sure to be one of the most popular features because it has an interactive guide, parental control and advanced channel selection features."

Bierschbach detailed some of the new channels to be added including: Discovery Kids, Discovery Science, Discovery Health, Game Show Network, Fox Sports World, BBC America and Independent Film Channel.

Other channels to be added include 33 pay-per-view channels. Customers who subscribe to premium services will also be able to get additional screens or channels of HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel and STARZ!

"For example," said Bierschbach, "a customer who wants HBO and subscribes to one of our digital packages will get eight channels of HBO, including HBO, HBO West, HBO Plus, HBO Plus West, HBO Family, HBO Family West, HBO Signature and HBO Signature West."

The new digital service will also deliver 45 CD quality music choice channels featuring uninterrupted, commercial-free music, in formats ranging from today's hottest hits in rock, country and jazz to gospel, classical, and hip-hop. Consumers will also get expanded choice in digital pay-per-view channels.

"It's greater choice blended with greater convenience," said Bierschbach.

All of this plus the 17 basic channels recently added is a product of the substantial investment Mediacom is making in Vermillion with the recently completed rebuild of the delivery system to 750 MHz and extensive employee training. Some multi-dwelling units will not receive the new service until rewiring is complete in midsummer, 2001.

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