Seth McDonald selected for ambassador soccer team

Seth McDonald selected for ambassador soccer team Seth McDonald, a Vermillion High School freshman, has been selected for membership on the 2001 People to People Sports Ambassador Soccer Team.

The summer training and competition program will run July 9-23.

McDonald will join other US teammates in New York City and fly to Denmark for an intensive training camp. After training the team

will travel to Goteborg, Sweden, to compete in the 39-country Gothis Cup,

an Olympic-style tournament.

During each competition, USA players will compete with international peers, exchange hometown or province gifts with a matched competitor, and participate in cultural exchange sessions.

McDonald was selected for the program after being nominated by a past coach and receiving recommendations from community members. His berth on the team was finalized after he completed a personal interview with People to People representatives.

Youth selected to the program adhere to a strict behavior and appearance policy in addition to stringent training and curfew rules during the People to People program. Participants can earn either college or high school credit for their participation in the program.

The People to People program was founded in 1956 by Dwight D. Eisenhower in an attempt to encourage cultural understanding and appreciation among countries around the world. The program covers some expenses for each athlete. Other expenses including the majority of the tuition and all travel are the athlete's responsibility.

Any donations to assist in meeting McDonald's expenses can be delivered to Community First Bank, People to People-Soccer account.

For questions concerning the program, please contact Matt Stricherz, fund-raising chairperson at 624-3333.

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