Brookings Quadrangular gives Tanagers a win, loss

Brookings Quadrangular gives Tanagers a win, loss The quadrangular tennis tournament matches at Brookings on Saturday, April 28 involved the Tanager boys' tennis team vs. Brandon Valley, Milbank and the Brookings Bobcats.

First match total team scores: VHS � 6; BVHS � 3.

Singles: Jason Holoch (V) def. Jeremy Wehrkamp (BV) 8-2; Eric Roderborn (BV) def. Chris Yutrzenka (V) 8-2; Nathan Scheidel (V) def. Tom Ergerbeken (BV) 9-7; Kyle Wooters (BV) def. Steve Foltz (V) 8-3; Tim Goodman (V) def. Jesse Schaver (BV) 8-2; Jack Higgins (V) def. Kole Farayer (BV) 8-1.

Doubles: Wehrkamp/Roderborn (BV) def. Holoch/Scheidel (V) 8-5; Yutrzenka/Foltz (V) def. Ergerbeken/Wooters (BV) 8-4; Goodman/Higgins (V) def. Schaver/Farayer (BV) 8-1.

Second match total team scores: MHS � 5; VHS � 4

Singles: Holoch (V) def. Brian Appl (M) 8-5; Joe Underwood (M) def. Dan Day (V) 8-3; Nathan Scheidel (V) def. Kyle Dahl (M) 8-5; Charles Dahl (M) def. Steve Foltz (V) 8-0; Tim Goodman (V) def. Chris Campbell (M) 8-5; Eric Kirchberg (M) def. Jack Higgins (V) 8-6.

Doubles: Holoch/Scheidel (V) def. Appl/Underwood (M) 8-5; K. Dahl/C. Dahl (M) def. Day/Foltz 8-4; Campbell/Kirchberg (M) def. Goodman/Higgins (V) 8-6.

Third match total team scores: BHS � 9; VHS � 0

Singles: Anderson (B) def. Holoch 8-2; Delfabian (B) def. Yutrzenka 8-2; Knutzen (B) def. Scheidel 8-2; Halaweisn (B) def. Foltz 8-1; Rippley (B) def. Goodman 8-5; Birkley (B) def. Higgins 8-0.

Doubles: Anderson/Delfabian (B) def. Holoch/Scheidel 8-0; Knutzen/Halaweisn (B) def. Yutrzenka/Foltz 8-1; Rippley/ Birkley (B) def. Goodman/Higgins 8-0.

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