Capital outlay will fund new Wakonda school

Capital outlay will fund new Wakonda school by M. Jill Karolevitz The Wakonda School Board voted Monday night to issue 20-year capital outlay certificates for the construction of a new elementary school adjacent to the existing building.

�By doing it this way, we can spend up to $1,138,740,� said Superintendent Ron Flynn. �We can�t go over one and a half percent of the assessed valuations for the district.�

The elementary addition will be the same as what was proposed in the plan that has been put to a bond issue election three times without passage.

�It�s like the original plans,� Flynn said, �and will include rooms for preschool, Title, elementary special ed, the elementary principal and staff. Hopefully construction will begin in the fall.�

There will be no other bond issue elections, Flynn added. Each time, the bond issue has failed. In November, 59.77 percent of the voters approved the project. In January, the project�s approval rating was 58.9 percent, and on May 8, 59.11 percent voted for the project. Sixty percent was required for passage.

�We�ve reached a point where we feel we have a solid majority of people who want to do a smaller project than what we had originally asked for,� Flynn said. �This will be a big advantage for the elementary students, and give more room to the secondary classes.

�I think it will be good for our kids and even some people voting no could support this project,� he added. �I think some voted no because they didn�t want to do as much as what we were proposing.�

Flynn added that there will be some funds available for improvements to the existing building, �but it won�t be a large amount,� he said. �Exactly what will be done will be decided at a later date.�

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