Letters 1

Letters 1 Thank you to the Vermillion community

To the editor:

During the early hours of April 29, many VHS juniors and seniors, along with their guests, attended the 2001 After-Prom Party. This party was a huge success due to the hard work and generous contributions of many individuals, businesses, and organizations.

We write this letter as an expression of our sincere gratitude to all who supported this event. We would like to specifically thank:

* Parents of VHS seniors and juniors who so willingly supported the efforts of the After-Prom Committee throughout the year. Many cash donations were collected as well as supplies for the fund-raising events.

* Business and organizations who contributed funds, prizes, and supplies for the party and fund raisers.

* Community members who attended the fund-raising events and who contributed to the canisters located in many businesses.

* Dwight and Monica Iverson for donating their time and use of the karaoke machine to the event.

* USD and the Coyote Student Center for the use of the facility for the party. The use of the facilities is both needed and truly appreciated.

* After-Prom Planning Committee members. Your work and dedication at the fund raisers and at the party itself are invaluable to the success of this event.

* The committee chairs for their many hours of hard work. These chairs ensured the success of the After-Prom Party by providing their tireless efforts throughout the year: Mike and Kathy Carlson and Trudy and Larry Anthofer � Finance and Prize; Lauren and Joanne Tolsma and Royce and Mary Engstrom � Activities; Ross and Sandy Dickenson and Marci and Don Hovden � Decorations; Kris and Kelly O'Connor � Registration; Jim and Dar Frye � Publicity; Randy and Sandy Sullivan and Art and Lana Rusch � Food; Glenda Schempp � Treasurer, and Joe and Jeanette Hubert and Sharon and Brian Bedard � Clean-up.

The community support was incredible. Without this support the After-Prom Party could never be a reality. We are proud to live in a community such as ours that cares for and supports its young people.


The After-Prom General Chairs

Kirk and Liz Hogen

Steven and Peggy Donnelly


Yard theft is terrible shame

To the editor:

I think it is a terrible shame when a person can't have some concrete animals in their yard without fear of them being stolen.

My mother-in-law (in Vermillion) had a small palomino pony statue by her front porch up on a hill by her house and it was stolen. This was not a light statue, it was very heavy. One person could not have lifted it.

She is 85 years old and was so proud of her concrete horses. I hope whoever stole the pony has a conscience and will return it to her.

Mrs. Tom H. Grass


Thank you Operation PRIDE

To the editor:

Probably I speak for many: "Thank you" to the fellows who picked up trash Saturday, April 28!

Many of us do not have the strength, the vehicle for transportation, or the wherewithal to rid ourselves of these items. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We want Vermillion to be a beautiful place.

Bertha O. Johnson


Vermillion needs economic growth

To the editor:

My wife and I read with great interest the article in the Volante, dated 4-25-01 about "Vermillion the Shrinking City", and we're amazed that our fine city's leadership has the audacity to say they are baffled with the 2000 census, and concerned about the future of our community.

My goodness! Where has the leadership of our community been the last few years? The only thing that has been growing within our community these last few years has been the city government and city spending. Our city leadership stated that no one has been able to pinpoint why the drop in population numbers. My advice to our city leaders, or maybe our leadership individuals is that they should go out into the community and ask nine out of 10 citizens why Vermillion isn't moving forward into the 21st century.

How many communities can you name with a population of 9,765, or the 10th largest city in South Dakota, still boasting of having corn fields and bean fields within the city limits, and debating whether we have an industrial site developed for industrial growth?

Without economic growth, and this means JOBS, and not part-time jobs, we will never have true economic growth in Vermillion. If we don't have job opportunities for our young people, these young people have no reason to stay and live within our community, and without job opportunities we will always have an up and down stagnant business community.

I truly hope our city leadership doesn't plan on using any more tax dollars on reckless redevelopment plans on the downtown area. The future of business opportunity in Vermillion is, and will be, the zoning of Cherry Street for future business opportunities. I truly hope we don't go through another community embarrassment as the Casey's fiasco.

We as a community have to get out of this mind set of as the university grows, so grows the community. We have to start thinking that as the community grows, so grows the university. Since we as a community have succumbed to the fact that our whole community survival depends on the ups and downs of the university we have to remember that these students not only are looking for a good education, but also a place they can find part-time work, and shopping opportunities in a safe environment.

I recommend that all leadership individuals retake Business 101 or Fundamentals of Economics 101.

Just thinking out loud.

Dave Raabe


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