Robin Miskimins continues on 4-H executive committee

Robin Miskimins continues on 4-H executive committee Robin Miskimins will continue her position on the Executive Committee of the South Dakota 4-H Foundation as past president and is the new chairman of the Trusteeship Committee.

The announcement wasa made during the recent annual meeting of the foundation.

Miskimins will be part of the 4-H Foundation Leadership Team during 4-H's Centennial Celebration in 2002.

"As a 4-H Centennial gift to the youth of this state, the 4-H Foundation will be seeking major gifts to establish a 4-H Legacy Endowment to support existing and future projects," said Miskimins, associate professor in The University of South Dakota School of Medicine and a 4-H parent.

"Two of the projects identified for the new millennium endowment include '4-H Character Counts!', a character-building education program for communities, and '4-H Hands and Hearts in Action,' a 4-H community program which brings youth and their families together in hands-on learning activities teamed with community service," Miskimins added.

The 4-H Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that uses charitable gifts from individuals and businesses to provide South Dakota young people with community-based learning experiences through the South Dakota 4-H Youth Development Program.

Through 4-H, youth develop personal and character-building skills to become responsible, successful adults and productive leaders in their community.

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