S.D. Ambassadors gearing up for this year’s session at USD

S.D. Ambassadors gearing up for this year's session at USD Approximately 80 high school age students will be invited to participate in the South Dakota Ambassadors of Excellence program July 23-Aug 2.

One of the Ambassador program's major activities is building a performing group of singers, dancers and entertainers. The annual Ambassador Show will be held at 6:30 p.m. on July 25 on the USD campus.

The Ambassador program allows students to take advanced classes in communications and leadership. Co-directed by Dr. Bruce Milne, USD professor, and Dr. Carole Kasen, TAG coordinator for Rapid City area schools, the camp offers an array of talent competition in art, writing, music, dance, drama, and participation in the "My Life Festival" events.

Over 40 class offerings are available for campers to choose from for academic and enrichment experiences. Writing and speaking will be the main focus addressed in most classes.

"As we look forward to the South Dakota Ambassadors of Excellence program this summer, attention will be directed to career choice and lifelong learning," Milne said. "More and more high ability students are looking at ways they can complete formal education which will allow them to continue life and living in South Dakota.

"With the rapid advancement in technology and participation in world-wide enterprises, where a student wants to live and the life-style they wish to have, are as important to them, as what they want to study," he added.

Since its founding in 1984, the student tuition funded program has attracted students from South Dakota communities and neighboring states. With the exception of the in-kind support of USD in the form of both volunteer teachers and use of campus facilities, the program is fully self-supporting.

The fee for the program is $300 per student. For more information contact Milne, School of Education, at (605) 677-5697.

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