South East Transit bus expands services May 8

South East Transit bus expands services May 8 South East Transit (SET) began operating a third bus on May 8.

The new bus operates from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Expanded service will address public demand for transportation needed on short notice. SET will not schedule the bus more than one day in advance. Riders can call on the same day they need a ride.

This will permit Vermillion's public transportation system to be more responsive to requests to provide rides for medical appointments, substitute for vehicle breakdowns and other trips that can not be scheduled in advance and do not occur on a regular schedule.

The new system will be designed to operate more like a conventional taxi service. Rides will cost $1.25 one way. SET will try to schedule riders within 30 minutes of their desired departure and arrival times. Medical appointments will take priority over all other requests for the same time.

SET turned down nearly 60 riders during February and March of this year. Most of the turndowns were due to booking riders that use the service every day. This left no room for the occasional rider or a rider who could not schedule an appointment several days in advance.

With the new service, SET encourages riders to call no sooner than the day before they need a ride. Same day callers will receive the same service.

Funding for the expanded service will come from the State Department of Transportation with matching funds provided by the city of Vermillion. The Vermillion City Council approved spending an additional $5,000 to initiate the service.

SET is a public transportation system for Vermillion and the immediate surrounding area. There are no special eligibility requirements to use the service. Riders may call 624-4978 and a dispatcher will schedule the ride.

As summer approaches SET will again offer reduced price rides for children under 12 to attend summer activities. Call for more details.

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