VHS tennis team travels to Madison for quad meet

VHS tennis team travels to Madison for quad meet The Tanager tennis team traveled to Madison on May 12 for a quadrangular meet.

Unfortunately, the weather made one last cancellation necessary as rain washed out the final three parts of the matches. The varsity did get to face Madison in one match but adding insult to injury, they fell 9-0.

Singles: Paul Green def. Jason Holoch, 8-4; Ryan Holt def. Chris Yutrzenka, 8-0; Mitch Walker def. Nathan Scheidel, 8 – 0; Tim Weismantel def. Steve Foltz, 8-1; Jim Marterese def. Tim Goodman, 8-2; and Chad Carma def. Jack Higgins, 8-3.

Doubles: Green/Holt def. Holoch/Yutrzenka, 8-1; Walker/Weismantel def. Scheidel/Foltz, 8-3; and Marterese/Carma def. Goodman/Vickrey, 8-0.

Last Friday, May 11, the annual awards banquet was held and the tennis team awards were announced: MVP � Jason Holoch; Team Captain � Chris Yutrzenka; and Most Improved � Jack Higgins. In addition to those three, other letter winners were: Nathan Scheidel, Steve Foltz, Tim Goodman, Mark Vickrey, and Dan Day.

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