Census report reveals interesting numbers

Census report reveals interesting numbers The US Census Bureau recently provided the city of Vermillion with Census 2000 data.

The official Census 2000 information as of April 1, 2000 includes statistics on population, families, households and housing units. Some of the Vermillion stats are: total population 9,765, with 4,669 males and 5,096 females; 28 percent of the population is from 20 to 24 years-old; 90.9 percent of the population is white, with other races listed as follows � Black or African American 1.3 percent, American Indian and Alaska Native 3.4 percent, Asian 2.5 percent.

Family households number 1,801; married couple families number 1,369; female householders with no husband present number 336; nonfamily households number 1,846; of the 3,967 total housing units, 3,647 are occupied, with 320 vacant; owner-occupied housing units total 1,684 and renter-occupied housing units total 1,963.

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