Civic award will honor Mayor Radigan

Civic award will honor Mayor Radigan The Vermillion City Council learned Monday of efforts now underway to establish a Bill Radigan Civic Award.

The award, said Dr. William Farber, is to honor the city's longtime mayor, public servant and promoter of many civic endeavors who died in March.

The award will be given to Vermillion High School seniors who write essays on the subject "Vermillion: A Good City That Can Be Even Better."

Farber and others in the community who are promoting the award have proposed that contributions be sought and the project be administered by a committee with Suzanne Radigan as honorary chairman. Committee members will consist of representatives of organizations pledging to give $100 or more for five years. Funds will be solicited from individuals and from Vermillion's many service clubs.

Organizers hope to raise a minimum of $12,500 during the next five years to provide at least $500 in awards for each of the next five years, with $10,000 to serve as a permanent endowment to perpetuate the awards.

People wishing to contribute may write checks payable to the S.D. Community Foundation with the notation "For Radigan Awards" and mail them to: Vermillion Area Community Foundation, Box 342, Vermillion.

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