FLIP grant will help strengthen USD classes

FLIP grant will help strengthen USD classes The University of South Dakota was recently awarded an $8,000 Faculty/Librarian Instructional Partnership (FLIP) grant to support innovative uses of information and electronic resources in teaching and learning.

The grant, funded jointly by The Bush Foundation of Saint Paul and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation of New York, is awarded through Project JSTOR, and on-line system for accessing digital back archives of core journals in history, finance, literature, the environment, social behavior, economics, political science, etc. The program is administered through the Minnesota Private College Research Foundation.

The recipients of the FLIP grant are Stephen K. Johnson, professor of library science and Angeline M. Lavin, professor of finance. Their project, "Development of a Hands-on Empirical Project for the MBA Financial Administration Course," is designed to incorporate student team assignments involving JSTOR finance journal literature reviews, hypotheses development, methodology discussions and research presentations in financial administration, a core class in the MBA program at USD.

The research project, which will be implemented in Financial administration beginning in Fall 2001, is designed to give MBA students formal exposure to empirical research methods. Interpreting published research is a valuable skill for managers who must operate in a global environment that is increasingly driven by research and development. Use of the JSTOR database is an integral part of the project because it enables students, no matter where they are located throughout the region, to access research published in the premier finance journals since their inception.

"The partnership grants will strengthen courses, academic programs and ultimately student research-based learning, critical thinking and information literacy skills," said David B. Laird Jr., president of the Minnesota Private College Research Foundation. "We believe these projects will become strong models for colleagues at home and within the region."

A total of seven collaborative grants were awarded this spring. The other grant winners are from private and public colleges and universities in the Upper Midwest. Recipients will share their knowledge in presentations to the colleagues at the Oct. 19, Project JSTOR workshop in Minneapolis, MN.

Project JSTOR is a three-year grants initiative.

aimed at strengthening the use of digital resources, including the scholarly JSTOR electronic journal collection, in research, teaching and learning. Funding for Project JSTOR is provided by the Bush and Mellon foundations. The Minnesota Private College Research Foundation, a consortium representing 16 Minnesota private colleges and universities, serves as sponsor and fiscal agent for the project.

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