Hansen cousins hold reunion

Hansen cousins hold reunion The ninth annual reunion of Hansen cousins was held Saturday, June 16, at Emily's Restaurant in Beresford.

The cousins are the grandchildren of the late Hans P. and Anna (Junker) Hansen of the Vermillion and Gayville areas.

The first Hansens were the parents of six daughters and two sons.

Fourteen cousins, along with their spouses and a few of their children, enjoyed the turkey and roast beef dinner. The group was then invited by Carroll and Irene Hansen to Bethesda Inn where they reside for an afternoon of visiting, reminiscing and picture taking.

Ice cream, cookies and bars were served by Irene Hansen, Adele Jackson and Elaine Brown. Lyle and Mavis Jepsen were in charge of reserving for the reunion.

The first reunion of the cousins was held June 13, 1992 in Sioux Falls with 14 cousins, spouses, children and guests, totaling 26. This 2001 reunion included 37 guests.

A short program included excerpts, letters and photos of the Hansen immigrants from Norway and Denmark and placing the names of the grandparents on the archives in Elkhorn, IA.

Next year's reunion will be planned by Allen and Judy Nelson and Alice Hansen.

Present this year were Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jackson (Adele Hansen), Lois (Hansen) Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Christopherson (Leone Lawrensen), Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lawrensen, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Nelson, Alice Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Jepsen, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Burgess (Jean Hansen), Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mandsager (Dorothy Hansen), Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Brock, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jackson and daughter, Harley Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Frieberg, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ersland (Fern Ellison), and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Johnson (Phyllis Ellison).

Relatives were from California, Oklahoma, Arizona, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota and the Beresford, Vermillion, Sioux Falls and Alcester areas.

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