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To the editor:

Yes, it is me again. It seems when I find something that bothers me there is always more than one thing that I should write about. The ideas do not come at the same time.

I had someone come to me the other day wanting to know how I felt about the no parking in driveways, just street parking. Well, I don't know too much about it except I do feel that is what driveways were built for. Just street parking is silly, most of the older streets in this town are not wide enough to have parking on them plus two-way traffic comfortably.

I feel that the city should drop down to the one-mile city limit rule, like the county wants. I never understood the three-mile city limit rule anyway. Why do we need that extra three miles? When you see a police car down on the Burbank Road past the railroad tracks it makes you wonder what would they do if they were needed in town. There should be a limit to what the city wants to control or have ordinances to control.

Let them take care of the Vermillion area and let the county take care of its own. But, if the county is going to clean up the place on Greenfield Road, they need to take a closer look throughout the whole county. They also need to write their letters and follow through with what they threaten.

I know a place that they wrote letters to for years trying to get it cleaned up. They threatened to do this and that. Finally after a few years of fighting it got cleaned up, but the people doing the initial complaining have had a bigger mess ever since. The county is not doing anything about it. Why don't the townships take care of this?

How about that new city hall they are trying to slip by us? I thought when the fire station got by without a civil war the city of Vermillion would not try something like this again. But, here we go. I thought there was talk about remodeling city hall now that the fire department would no longer be there. Where would a new city hall be located at? On the outskirts of Vermillion like the fire department and the chamber of commerce? We wonder why we can not keep downtown Vermillion alive, but why should it be when even the official buildings are moving to the outer edge of Vermillion? Even if we tore down the old city hall and built a new one there we would be losing a piece of history. Can we really afford to do that? Once you lose that history you can never get it back.

Roxan Brown


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