Letters Discussion leads to disbelief

To the editor:

I was listening to the Vermillion City Council meeting the other night, and could not believe some of the things I heard.

It amazed me that we are more worried about the bar patrons being disturbed if they see a cop walking the street than someone urinating in the doorway of other businesses, or throwing their insides up because of too much to drink in these same doorways. The businesses and some citizens put money into the curbs downtown, but here we worry more about upsetting these patrons.

I was also in disbelief to think that some of the city council members would be more worried about the aesthetic beauty of a fenced-in airport than the safety of pilots or animals. What beauty is there in the waste treatment plant that is right across the road from the airport? How about the waste dumping zone, or the old garage just north of the airport? An eight inch square-holed fence will let more animals in than keep out. A deer can clear a six to eight foot fence if it has to. If the Federal government did not want a certain type fence, then it would not have recommended it. A chain link fence can keep raccoons, possum, coyotes, fox, dogs and much more out.

Just because two pilots think this is funny does that mean everybody does? I cannot believe the city council even wasted its time going over this if it means the loss of federal funding if the fence isn't put up. I can't believe we would even worry about a cost of $11,000 when, if there was an accident, we could be looking at a lawsuit of a lot more if that fence wasn't there.

There was a comparison between elk and deer made as far as jumping goes. An elk cannot jump like a deer because it is a lot bigger. Even the councilman from my district was against this fence. The fence is just common sense. The city of Vermillion is once again paving alleys and thinking nothing about that cost � I really don't think a pot hole could cause a major accident, but no fence at the airport could.

While I am writing this I would like to ask, when you are worried about how Vermillion looks, have you driven down Broadway and looked down toward the Vermillion River? In places you can see junk piles all along there. These junk piles contain old cars, machinery, and other debris. There is junk piled out along the street that was put there when there was supposed to be a clean up day in the area from Dakota Street to Franklin Street.

When we talk about city ordinances why do we not have an ordinance on cats? I do not have an animal � city life is not for animals to be caged up � our garage smells terrible, because if I go up town for just a minute and leave the garage door open there are cats that decide to use it for a litter box.

When are they going to start the Chestnut Street project? That road is a sight to anyone visiting us from the southwest coming into town on the Burbank Road.

I would like to thank the Plain Talk for giving people the opportunity to speak out.

Roxan Brown


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