Students selected for technology summit

Students selected for technology summit Mike Nelson of Vermillion, and Jerad Hesla of Wakonda, were recently selected to join 1,000 high school students from around the United States for NexTech: The National Summit of Young Technology Leaders. The summit will take place in Austin, TX, July 1-10.

Designed to introduce exceptional students to careers in the ever-changing industry of technology, the NexTech Summit will also pioneer relationships between these students and the business leaders and technology gurus of today.

"It's safe to say that technology is here to stay, no matter what the stock market and investors may say," said Darryl Shumaker, director of NexTech. "By participating in the NexTech Summit, students will have an opportunity to meet with current industry leaders and will forge their own pathways by learning to turn their concepts into reality."

The NexTech Summit will feature seminars led by technology professionals focusing on topics such as visual arts, semiconductors, software and gaming, among others. Students will participate in roundtable discussions focused on issues affecting the technology industry, and visit with Austin's business community and education institutions.

The companies and organizations providing expert content for NexTech include 212 Studios, Austin Software Council, Digital Eve, IBM, Isochron Data Corporation, Motorola, National Instruments, Prodigy, SI Diamond Technology, Southwest Texas University, Texas A&M, Tivoli, University of Texas, Vignette and many others.

The NexTech Summit is sponsored by Envision EMI, an education, management and marketing company. Founded in 1989, Envision EMI has offices in Washington, DC and Austin, and is built on a principle to educate, motivate and inspire young people to realize their full potential. For additional information on NexTech, visit us at

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