University of South Dakota students excel in Greek exam

University of South Dakota students excel in Greek exam Out of nearly a 1,000 students that participate in an examination to promote the study of Ancient Greek, only about half are recognized for achievement at various levels of excellence.

The National Greek Examination is administered by the American Classical League to students at the high school and college level.

This spring, two University of South Dakota students, David Wheeler of Huron, and Kari Hammer of Vermillion, were awarded honors for performing at prize-winning levels in the national examination. The two were the only USD students taking second-year Greek classes this past year and studied the works of Plato and Homer, as well as the New Testament to prepare for the exam.

Students that take the exam are recognized with ribbon colors. In decreasing order of excellence, purple is awarded to perfect scores, blue, red and green ribbons. Wheeler earned a blue ribbon for his achievement on the exam and Hammer earned a green ribbon.

USD History Professor Clayton Lehmann, who taught the Greek courses at USD last year, said the students' achievements on the exam are impressive.

"The exam is really quite challenging and that they both 'placed' indicated that they've learned a lot in their second year of studying Greek," he said.

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