Wilch competes in regional boxing championship in WY; loses to south paw opponent

Wilch competes in regional boxing championship in WY; loses to south paw opponent Waha-Canka Washtay Wilch fought in the regional boxing championships May 20 at Cheyenne, WY.

Regionals are as far as an amateur fighter can advance under the age of 16. Wilch, 13, had advanced to the regional competition by winning the South Dakota State Championship in the 113-119 lb. weight class for 13-14 year olds, two weeks earlier at Sturgis.

At regionals, Wilch's opponent for the championship of 13-14 years-olds at the 113-119 lb. weight class was Willie Padilla, a 14 year-old Wyoming state champion. Padilla, a south paw, was shorter than Wilch and seemed to be very confident, as was Wilch, who fights in the orthodox style.

In the beginning of the first round Padilla charged directly at Wilch who side-stepped Padilla, then landed the hardest punch of the fight, a crisp straight right that broke Padilla's nose. The nose bled profusely throughout the remaining two rounds, yet the referee allowed the contest to continue.

Padilla landed at least three clean left hands on Wilch through the entire fight, while obviously avoiding Wilch's right hand by advancing and staying low. In the second and third rounds Wilch scored several left jabs and counter rights.

Although it was a close fight the decision was given to Padilla, however, Wilch felt as though he'd won.

"I knew if it was close, since he's a Wyoming fighter they'd give it to him, but I know that I won," Wilch said. "If I ever get to face him again, I'll put more pressure on him next time and they'll have to give me the decision."

Although Wilch was disappointed he had fought brilliantly at times and learned from the experience of facing his first south paw opponent, who was a class fighter.

Wilch thanks his sponsors who made the regional boxing trip financially possible. His Kusi' Cecelia Kitto who generously made up the bulk of the funds, VBT, Toby's (Toby), Grandpa Leroy Wilch in Wahoo, NE, and his Aunt Cookie in Aberdeen.

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