29 teams enter Bymers Memorial at The Bluffs

29 teams enter Bymers Memorial at The Bluffs A multiple-person scramble format was used July 1 for the first Byron Bymers "Re-load" Memorial Golf Event which hosted 96 golfers comprising 29 teams.

The day was a social event as well, with over 125 participating in the brunch and dinner catered by co-chairman Jere Chapman (with a big assist from 15 volunteer ladies who prepared and helped serve most of the food). The other committee co-chairmen were Dan Christopherson and Steve Spawn.

At about the time for the tee offs to commence, a thunder storm rolled through the area and put a damper on the golf as the rain persisted for a couple of hours. The players waited it out and the competition began with an attempt to play at least nine holes before more moisture returned.

Each team was assigned a logo-numbered ball which was to be used at least once during each shot. The balls were to be turned in after the round. The intention was to avoid losing that ball.

The winning score was turned in by the five-member team of Tim Christopherson, Ron Johnson, Gary Prosser, Brian Steele and Bill Willroth with a 29. Second place was a 31 reported by four other teams.

Of the 29 teams entered, only 12 returned their logo golf balls (the others were lost in hazards, water or out-of-bounds), but not to worry! The teams returning the balls were the ones assessed a fine.

A short program was held after the baby back rib dinner, where the awards were presented and some memories of Bymers were shared.

The purpose of the golf event was to help raise funds for two of his favorite causes � USD Athletics and Golf for Guardianship.

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