Beresford falls 18-11 to Vermillion’s Post #1

Beresford falls 18-11 to Vermillion's Post #1 Suffering through four Vermillion errors and five Beresford hits, starting pitcher Ryan Nelson fell behind 7-5 in the middle of the third inning before Vermillion's Post #1 team settled down and reliever Danny Holoch "stopped the bleeding."

Holoch held Beresford in check as the Vermillion bats came alive and there were no more fielding mistakes. The nine-inning game was hosted by Beresford Legion Post #72 on Friday, July 13.

Together Nelson and Holoch recorded 10 strikeouts and five walks, giving up 15 hits and 11 runs with Holoch getting credit for the win.

Line scores: Vermillion � 18 runs, 14 hits, 4 errors, 7 LOB; Beresford � 11 runs, 15 hits, 8 errors, 9 LOB.

The offense was sparked by several hitting performances. Holoch was on base four times and scored three runs while driving in five going two for five at bat. Nelson went three for four, scored two runs and three RBI. Eric Rickord was two for six with three runs scored and two RBI. Adam Brooks was one for two and scored three runs in four innings in the third batting slot. BJ Campbell took over with one for two batting and two runs scored.

Pat Brooks scored twice. Drew Lawrence and Jeff Gilbertson each scored one and Brett Mockler went two for two, scoring one and had one RBI.

Lawrence was credited with three RBI and Gilbertson drove in two runs.

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