Letters Be a parent to your children

To the editor:

On the Fourth of July, I was watching ESPN 2, and I saw an anti-drug commercial. If you have not seen that yet and you are parents of young children and teenagers, you need to watch it. If parents would realize that is what they need to do whether kids like it or not, maybe there would be less confusion in a young life. When they are young it is the time to be parents instead of best friends; after they are grown up there is always time to make a friendship.

When I was a kid I deserved every correction I ever got, except for two, and even with those two corrections I knew my parents cared for me. I never got around to telling my father how sorry I was for any pain I caused him before he died, but I did my mother. After I became an adult and around 40 years I realized my mother was not only my parent, but my best friend. My point is: be a parent to your children, act like parents instead of kids yourself.

Remember, kids are highly influenced by their parents. If they see drugs, alcohol and abuse going on in a family, that is what they learn. If they see just the opposite, that is what they learn.

We depend too much on sports figures, movie stars, politicians, and big name people to be idols in our children's lives. It should be us. It's time to go back to the time when parents were parents instead of trying to be the best friends, or even worse, the kids.

I am doing some work with troubled kids right now and if I have learned anything, it is that we're depending on the system to do the correcting, when we need to take that right back. Let the kids know we are the parents and they are the children. We tell them what to do and how to live, not the other way around.

Thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves.

Roxan Brown


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