New equipment offers advantages to patients and Sioux Valley staff

New equipment offers advantages to patients and Sioux Valley staff A new high-speed helical CT scanner and a new ultrasound unit have been added to the diagnostic radiology department at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center.

"The addition of this new equipment is a good example of providing community health care at its best," said John Paulson, CEO of Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center. "It is part of our commitment to be a modern, comprehensive medical center for the Vermillion area. Acquiring this new equipment is a testimonial to the dedication of Vermillion's physicians to making sure their patients have access to the latest in medical technology here locally."

The new CT scanner, which is still being installed, but will soon be ready for use, provides improved image quality, speed and additional diagnostic procedure capabilities. This new equipment is similar to the high-speed helical CT scanners found at other medical centers in the region.

The helical scanner is a new development in CT (computed tomagraphy) technology and will further the Vermillion medical staff's ability to provide early diagnosis and treatment and emergency care.

The new ultrasound unit, which was put into operation last Friday, utilizes a noninvasive imaging system, which is very effective in visualizing and identifying diseases of the abdominal organs and for evaluation and monitoring obstetrical conditions and development.

The ultrasound unit acquired by Sioux Valley also has the ability to help diagnose peripheral vascular disease in the carotid arteries and deep venous system of the extremities.

"Improvements over the old unit are incredible," said Cheryl Hofer, ultrasound coordinator, RDMS. "We were not able to do vascular studies before because the pictures were not good enough. Now we can and the quality is extremely good."

"The medical staff is very pleased that the new technology will be available to assist in diagnosing and treating our patients here in Vermillion," said Dr. Vicki Walker, a member of the Vermillion medical staff. "The equipment is truly state-of-the-art. It offers us many advantages in caring for our patients quickly and comprehensively."

The new CT and ultrasound equipment can also be used with the Sioux Valley teleradiology system. Radiology images taken at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center can be digitally transmitted on a dedicated high-speed telephone line for interpretation by radiologists. These interpretations are called back to the Vermillion physician assisting in the care of patients locally. This helps speed diagnosis of disease and injury through the availability of 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week coverage by radiologists tied into the Sioux Valley teleradiology system.

Procedures and other benefits of the new diagnostic imaging equipment at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center are:

* Reduced CT scanning time, greatly aiding in patient comfort and exam options;

* Additional CT procedures and imaging benefits for urological and lung disorders like kidney stones and pulmonary embolus;

* More definitive information about disease state or obstetrical progress via ultrasound;

* The addition of on-site availability for ultrasound diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease, which helps provide care locally.

For more information about the new equipment, patients should contact their local doctor or call the radiology department at Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center.

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