Vermillion Light, Power has proven environment record

Vermillion Light, Power has proven environment record There's a lot of talk these days about our environment and using clean resources for generating electricity.

When it comes to clean energy, Vermillion citizens can be assured their hometown municipal utility has an outstanding and proven environmental record.

Nearly 75 percent of Vermillion Light and Power's electricity supply comes from hydropower � a clean, reliable and low-cost source of energy to electric customers in Vermillion.

Vermillion Light and Power has relied on hydropower for more than 30 years. The hydroelectric facilities, operated by the federal government and located along the Missouri River, produce clean, renewable electricity through the force of falling water.

The Laramie River Station (LRS), a coal-fired power plant operating since 1980, meets the rest of Vermillion's electrical needs. Located near Wheatland, WY, LRS is recognized as one of the most highly efficient, cleanest operating, low-cost electric generating stations of its kind in the nation. The power plant's environmental standards are six times more stringent than the federal government's emission standards. LRS consistently ranks among the five lowest-cost producers of electricity when compared to the 400 other coal-fired power plants in the United States.

Hot topics in Washington, DC and in the state Legislature are environmental improvements and producing energy from alternate resources. Vermillion Light and Power is committed to the environment by tapping into clean, renewable resources, and working with Missouri River Energy services to do even more as energy needs grow.

Vermillion Light and Power and Missouri River Energy Services are leaders in offering Vermillion citizens and businesses a power supply program with an environmental record that is among the best in the country.

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