Vermillion students among those to complete program focusing on technology use

Vermillion students among those to complete program focusing on technology use Nearly 60 students at The University of South Dakota have completed the introductory year of the Student Technology Fellows program, a curriculum designed to increase the knowledge and use of technology by faculty in their classrooms.

Vermillion students included Daniel Baker, son of Doug Baker; Sarah Baron, daughter of Roger and Claudia Baron; Janice Eagle Hawk, daughter of Linda Winter Chaser; Jarrod Edelen, son of Joe and Mary Edelen; Stacie Frolkey, daughter of Mike Frolkey; Scott Gessford, son of Michelle Gessford; Sarah Iles, daughter of Derric and Irma Iles; Paul Johnson, son of James Johnson; James Leafgreen; Tim Margheim, son of Al and Ellen Margheim; Tyrel Margheim, son of Al and Ellen Margheim; Kimberly Rasmussen, daughter of Gene Rassmussen; Michael Scott; and Russell Stewart.

Under the program's design, students are assigned to work with one or more faculty members, providing technical support on various types of projects. Students in the program must work 10 hours per week on the project and attend a one-hour training session each week.

For their services, the Technology Fellows program pays for students' tuition and fees for the equivalent of 32 hours.

Throughout their involvement in the program, enrolled students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average and complete 32 credits per academic year. Students must also present written or oral presentations about their work in the program.

The 2000 Governor's Budget Request allotted for the creation of the Technology Fellows program, which awards each public university a specific number of spots in the program. USD was awarded funding for 60 students and for the up-coming school year.

Students must be full-time undergraduates and South Dakota residents in order to be eligible for the program. The deadline to apply for the 2001-2002 Technology Fellows program is Sept. 1, but interested individuals are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, whereas acceptance for the program is awarded prior to the deadline.

Applications for the program are available on the USD website, at http://www.usd.


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