Vermillion Teeners lose 12-1 to Elk Point team

Vermillion Teeners lose 12-1 to Elk Point team Vermillion's Teener baseball coach Matt Carda had to work with a skeleton crew at Elk Point on Thursday, July 6.

With a couple defections and several prior commitments, he was left with only 11 players to face the Elk Point Teeners.

Line scores: Elk Point � 12 runs, 7 hits, 0 errors, 5 left on base; Vermillion � 1 run, 3 hits, 3 errors, 6 left on base.

The winning pitcher was Ryan Johnson, Elk Point, with Brad Schaack taking the loss.

Johnson recorded 12 strikeouts against Vermillion while walking three. The game was relatively close at 5-1 after four innings, but six runs in the sixth were enough to invoke the 10-run rule.

The visitors' offense was basically a Jared Burcham run on two for three batting. Brad Schaack had the other hit.

Vermillion had to employ four pitchers during the game � Schaack (two innings), Paul Hugo (two innings), Matt Kallsen (one inning) and Max Swanson (one inning).

The Teeners' season record stands at 1-13.

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