Clay County 4-H state fair results are announced

Clay County 4-H state fair results are announced The 2001 South Dakota State Fair was held July 30-Aug. 5 in Huron. Four hundred ninety-six entries were exhibited by Clay County 4-H members through static exhibits, Youth-In-Action contests, Performing Arts and livestock exhibits.

Sixteen county judging teams participated in the respective state judging contests. Nine teams and individuals placed in the top 10 of their respective contests. Kyle Hubert, Vermillion, placed first in Junior Horticulture, Andy Peterson, Wakonda placed fifth in Junior Rabbit, Kaia Nelson, Burbank, placed fifth in Senior Rabbit, Jennifer Lindblom, Wakonda, placed seventh in Senior Rabbit, Shannon Jepsen, Meckling, placed seventh in Beginner Livestock, Colette Joy, Vermillion, placed eighth in Senior Visual Arts, DeNell Dykstra, Vermillion, placed ninth in Beginner FCS and 10th in Beginner Photography, and Kyle Lindstrom, Centerville, placed ninth in Beginner Livestock.

Judging teams placing in the top 10 were Beginner FCS with first place, Senior Visual Arts received fourth place, Senior FCS placed fifth, Beginner Livestock placed sixth, Beginner Photography, Senior Photography, Beginner Rabbit received seventh place, Beginner Horticulture placed eighth and Junior Horticulture received 10th place.

Team members for above contests were: Beginner FCS � DeNell Dykstra, Megan Bottolfson, Ashley Ouellette, Kelly O'Dea; Senior Visual Arts � Colette Joy, Theresa Ring, Nick Peterson, Tabitha Hubert; Senior FCS � Colette Joy, Leslie Larson, Tabitha Hubert; Beginner Livestock � Kyle Lindstrom, Hope Lindstrom, Rebecca Hawley, Shannon Jepsen; Beginner Photography � Ashley Ouellette, Alex Peterson, Chad Peterson, DeNell Dykstra; Senior Photography � Colette Joy, Dean Miller, Nick Peterson, Tabitha Hubert; Beginner Rabbit � Hope Lindstrom, Chad Peterson, Alex Peterson, Kyle Lindstrom; Beginner Horticulture � Casey Hessman, Hope Lindstrom, Alex Peterson, Shannon Jepsen; Junior Horticulture � Kelsey Peterson, Garrett Jepsen, Kyle Hubert, Tony Hubert.

Leslie Larson and Amanda Aga, both of Vermillion, participated in the State Fashion Revue contest held on Saturday, Aug. 4. Larson received a purple on the garment she entered. Aga entered two garments and received purples on both. Six members participated in the Illustrated Talk and Public Speaking Youth-In-Action contests. Purple ribbons were awarded to Dean Miller (2) and Emily Miller, both of Wakonda. Blue ribbons were earned by JoAnna Strom and Kathryn Strom, both of Beresford and Emily Miller of Wakonda.

Judging team contestants earning purple ribbons were DeNell Dykstra (2), Tabitha Hubert (3), Colette Joy (2), Shannon Jepsen, Kyle Lindstrom, Andy Peterson, Jennifer Lindblom, Kaia Nelson, Kyle Hubert, Megan Bottolfson, Ashley Ouellette and Alex Peterson. Blue ribbons were earned by Ashley Ouellette, Alex Peterson (3), Bobby Dykstra, Colette Joy, Dean Miller, Megan Bottolfson, DeNell Dykstra, Kyle Hubert, Kelsey Peterson (3), Theresa Ring, Luke Heine, Rob Hansen, Casey Hessman (2), Mike Lindstrom, Stacey Joy, Kelly Miskimins and Leslie Larson. Members receiving red ribbons were Chad Peterson (2), Kyle Hubert (2), Stacey Joy, Kelsey Peterson (2), Kelly O'Dea (2), Stacy Bottolfson (2), Andy Peterson (2), Nick Peterson, Hope Lindstrom (3), Molly Hansen, Garrett Jepsen (2), Adrianne Logue, Eric Lindstrom (2), Mike Lindstrom, Kyle Lindstrom, Alex Peterson, Shannon Jepsen, Leslie Larson and Dean Miller. White ribbons were awarded to Nick Peterson, Rebecca Hawley, Brett Logue, Tony Hubert (2) and Bobby Dykstra.

Ribbon placings by project area are as follows:

Aerospace and Rocketry

Blue � Cody Cahoon.

Beef Evaluation

Purple � JoAnna Strom.

Blue � Patrick Morrison.


Blue � Michael Dendinger, Theresa Dendinger, Theresa Ring.

Red � Colette Joy, Ashley Ouellette.


Purple � Stacey Joy (3), Adrianne Logue, David Rosacker, Kaia Nelson, Rachel L. Nelson, Laura Aga, Kelsy Fallan, Tia Krier (2), Kelli Morrison (3), Patrick Morrison (2), Amanda Aga, Colette Joy (2), Abby Gylfe, Andy Peterson, Chad Peterson (2), Megan Bottolfson, Jennifer Bye, Shannon Jepsen, Ashley Ouellette, Annie Carlson, Casey Carlson, Bobby Dykstra, Meagan O'Connor, Katie Carlson, Leslie Larson, Brett Logue.

Blue � Adrianne Logue, Andy Peterson, Brittany Bye, DeNell Dykstra, Kelli Morrison, Colette Joy, Stacy Bottolfson, Brittany Bye, Jennifer Bye, Theresa Ring.

Red � Abby Gylfe, Shelli Knutson.


Purple � Jennifer Bye, Emma Getzin, Michelle Getzin, Carlee Sorensen, Chrissy Sorensen.

Blue � Calle Sorensen, Bobby Dykstra, Tia Krier, Korry Speakman (2), Eric Lindstrom, Michael Dendinger.

Red � Zach Holoch, Megan Bottolfson (2), Brittany Bye (2), Kelsy Fallan, John Lindstrom, Ashley Ouellette (2), Jennifer Bye.

Exploring life skills with children & family

Purple � Shannon Jepsen, Shelli Knutson, Meagan O'Connor.

First aid

Purple � Bobby Dykstra.

Foods & nutrition

Purple � Tony Hubert, JoAnna Strom, Theresa Dendinger, Katie Carlson, Kyle Hubert.

Blue � Jennifer Bye, DeNell Dykstra, Rebecca Hawley, Brittany Bye, Michael Dendinger, Meagan O'Connor, Annie Carlson, Katie Miskimins, Leslie Larson.

Red � Stacey Joy.

Food preservation

Purple � Michael Dendinger, Theresa Dendinger, Leslie Larson, Rachel Nelson.

Blue � Shelli Knutson, Amanda Aga.

Hobbies & collections

Purple � Casey Carlson, Bobby Dykstra, Kyle Hubert, Adrianne Logue, Brittany Rederick, Andrea Lias, Brett Logue, Chris Rederick, Kelli Morrison, Patrick Morrison.

Home living

Purple � Korry Speakman, Laura Aga, Theresa Ring, Michael Dendinger, DeNell Dykstra, Abby Gylfe, Stacey Joy, Emily Renner, Stacy Bottolfson, David Rosacker, Andy Peterson, Leslie Larson (2), Kaia Nelson, Theresa Ring, Emily Holoch, Andy Peterson, Brittany Rederick, Brittany Weydert (3).

Blue � Abby Gylfe (2), Shelli Knutson, Jennifer Bye, Abby Gylfe, Shelli Knutson, Andrea Lias, Jennifer Bye, Theresa Dendinger, Jennifer Lindblom, Chris Rederick, Stacy Bottolfson (2), Stacey Joy, Ashley Ouellette (2), Brittany Bye, Cody Cahoon, Katie Carlson, Alisha O'Connor.

Red � Bobby Dykstra, Kelsy Fallan, Sarah Lias, Kelly O'Dea, Julie Renner.


Red � Julie Renner, Kate Renner.

White � Emily Renner (2).

Leisure education

Blue � Samantha Haakinson.


Blue � Bobby Dykstra, Emily Holoch (3), Tony Hubert, Tabitha Hubert (2), Brittany Rederick, DeNell Dykstra, Chris Rederick, Sarah Anderson, Amanda Aga (2), Leslie Larson.

Red � Tabitha Hubert, Chris Rederick, Brittany Rederick, Meagan O'Connor, Kyle Hubert.

Plant science/crops

Purple � Nichole Huth, Leslie Larson, Evan Peterson (2), Kelli Morrison, Patrick Morrison.


Purple � Nick Peterson.

Shooting sports

Purple � Andy Peterson.

Blue � Amanda Aga.

Swine education

Purple � JoAnna Strom.

Visual arts

Purple � Emily Holoch (4), Rachel L. Nelson, Tabitha Hubert (2), Theresa Dendinger, Kyle Hubert, CJ Haakinson, Katie Carlson, David Rosacker, Calle Sorensen, John Lindblom, Jill Blumer, Colette Joy, Leslie Larson, Sarah Anderson (2), Kelsy Fallan, Garrett Jepsen, Tia Krier, Meagan O'Connor, Kelly O'Dea (2), Sarah Lias, Megan Bottolfson, Tony Hubert.

Blue � Kelly Miskimins, Kyle Hubert, Ashley Ouellette, Amanda Aga (2), Zach Holoch, Rachel L. Nelson, Kaia Nelson (2), Michael Dendinger, Adrianne Logue, Casey Carlson, Ellen Kennedy, Sarah Lias, Calle Sorensen, Jill Blumer (2), Tia Krier, Stacey Joy, Andrea Lias (2), Chris Lynch, Emily Renner, Andy Jensen, Stacy Bottolfson.

Red � DeNell Dykstra, Stacey Joy, Kyle Lindstrom, Zach Holoch.

Wood science

Purple � Michael Dendinger, Shannon Jepsen, Amanda Aga, Laura Aga.

Blue � Ariel Begley, Stacy Bottolfson, Mike Lindstrom, Megan Bottolfson, Emma Jensen.

Purple � Kathryn Strom (2), Chris Rederick (2), Kyle Hubert, Harrison Hawley, Tabitha Hubert, Alisha O'Connor, Danielle O'Connor.

Blue � Andy Peterson, Chris Rederick (2), Nick Peterson, Andy Jensen (2), Hope Lindstrom, Mike Lindstrom, Emily Miller (2), JoAnna Strom, Dean Miller, Brittany Rederick (2), Adrianne Logue, Rebecca Hawley, Emma Jensen, Evan Peterson (3), Tylar Solomon (3), Rob Hansen (2), Harrison Hawley, Tony Hubert, Michaela Hawley, Sam Hansen, Harrison Hawley (2), Michaela Hawley, Tabitha Hubert, Alisha O'Connor, Danielle O'Connor.


Purple � Kyle Lindstrom.

Blue � Mike Lindstrom (2), Eric Lindstrom (2), Kaia Nelson, Hope Lindstrom, Rachel L. Nelson.

Dog show

Blue � Brett Logue (2).


Purple � Dean Miller, Emily Miller (2), Nick Peterson (3), Alex Peterson (3), Kelsey Peterson (4) Garrett Jepsen, Chad Peterson.

Blue � Dean Miller (4), Emily Miller (3), Kelsey Peterson (3), Alex Peterson (4), Garrett Jepsen, Andy Jensen, Chad Peterson.

Red � Emily Miller, Dean Miller, Alex Peterson.

White � Kelsey Peterson, Dean Miller.


Purple � Kyle Lindstrom (2), Alex Peterson, Kelsey Peterson, Chad Peterson, Kaia Nelson, Rachel L. Nelson (2).

Blue � Alisha O'Connor, Rachel L. Nelson, Hope Lindstrom.

Red � Kaia Nelson, Kyle Lindstrom.


Purple � Shannon Jepsen, Garrett Jepsen, Mike Lindstrom, Gerrit Heine (2), Luke Heine (3), Andy Jensen, Jana Bye, Emma Jensen.

Blue � Shannon Jepsen (2), Kelsy Fallan, Eric Lindstrom, Mike Lindstrom (2), Andy Jensen (3), Emma Jensen (3), Garrett Jepsen (2), Gerrit Heine, Andy Jensen (2), Kelly Miskimins (2), Jana Bye.

Red � Kyle Lindstrom.


Purple � Gerrit Heine (2), Luke Heine (3), Tony Hubert, Garrett Jepsen, Chad Peterson, JoAnna Strom (2).

Blue � Shannon Jepsen (2), Sara Bye (2), Andy Peterson (2), Chad Peterson (2), Evan Peterson (3), Gerrit Heine, Kyle Hubert (2), Tony Hubert, Nick Peterson.

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