Letters Keep bridge's name

To the editor:

Verrazano Narrows, Severn River Bridge, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Platte-Winner Bridge, Dodge Street Bridge, etc., etc., etc. What do these names have in common? Just a couple � they all cross a body of water and they are all named for a specific location in the United States. Nothing wrong with that as I see it. There are probably hundreds of location-named crossings in our United States, as well as hundreds of bridges named for the local heroes and/or for someone who may have died in the building of any given crossing. Nothing wrong with that as I see it.

What I'm having trouble understanding is the fuss about the naming of the nearly completed Missouri River bridge in the Vermillion area. The bridge is already named. It has been called the Newcastle/Vermillion Bridge for years � throughout the planning, the funding in Washington, the setbacks, the moments when it seemed it would finally become a reality � it has been called the Newcastle/Vermillion Bridge.

The naming of this bridge has come from the people � on both sides of the river � who have worked, sweated and worried about its existence for many, many years. The naming of this bridge is a tribute to those who have put the hours into the reality of a river crossing in our area. This is what they want to see it called. The name wasn't a spur of the moment decision. It has been discussed many times, at many, many meetings. The name chosen is on documents from here to Washington. Why try to change that? The name chosen does, obviously, mean something to those who, in reality, may have a right to choose a name for the structure.

The chosen name leaves little doubt as to its location. Why would Lewis and Clark be better? There are Lewis and Clark sites, from right here in Vermillion, all the way across our western states. One more isn't going to make their trip of discovery any more glorious or bring one more person into our area.

The building of a Missouri River bridge in our area is one of the most important happenings in our time. It is a blessing that will reward those on both sides each and every day after its opening. I hope there will be no hard feelings created over the naming of the structure.


Bill Willroth Sr.


Name bridge to honor Lewis and Clark

To the editor:

We support naming the new bridge over the Missouri River the Lewis and Clark Bridge.

James W. Abbott

William O. Farber

John J. Reedy

Martin Weeks

Walter D. Reed

Wayne Merrigan

Peggy Boots

Jill Austin

Jack Stewart

Otto Neuhaus

Donald J. Mitchell

James C. Schmulbach

Keith Joy

Vern Holter

Charles Amant

Bob Lund

Ardell Hatch

Judy Clark

Lyle Wagner

Thanks to Wakonda blood donors

To the editor:

Congratulations go out to all who participated in the Aug. 15 blood drive held at the Wakonda Community Center.

Without blood donors, there would be no chances for many patients. Each year, thousands of patients' lives depend on blood. To patients fighting cancer, blood means hope. To the patient with sickle cell anemia, blood means comfort. To the patient critically injured in a car accident, blood means life. Though you may never know whose lives you touch by donating blood, you can be certain you have given them a precious gift … the chance for another tomorrow.

Twenty people registered to donate, and 14 life-saving units of blood were collected. Each unit of blood can potentially save the lives of three patients.

The Siouxland Community Blood Bank appreciates the participation and the partnership of the Wakonda community in supplying a safe and ready blood supply to Siouxland. The next Wakonda blood drive will be held Oct. 24.


Cyndy Scott

donor consultant

Siouxland Blood Bank

Sioux City, IA

What joy comes from insensitive act?

To the editor:

As most of you know by now our family has suffered a tragic loss. Just when we are starting to put our lives together again, something happens to make it hurt again.

My daughter has worked hard to get grass to grow on her son's eternal resting place before winter. She thinks of it as the blanket that will cover him. She and her sister have planted high quality grass seed out at the cemetery and carried gallons of water out there. They had the grass up and growing. It was about two inches high. Last night someone went out to the cemetery and ground the grass into the ground. It was not an animal, because there were human footprints in the wet soil.

I am writing this because it is beyond me how some one person or group of persons could do that. What joy do they get out of being that insensitive? Grief is bad enough, but to have some person add to it like this is just plain ignorant and disrespectful. There is so much more I would like to say to the responsible party and even though I am God fearing it would not be good. But, I will say I hope you got your jollies and do know some day you will answer for what you have done.

Roxan Brown


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