Letters Live to your potential

To the editor:

Recently I wrote you about my grandson's death. Since this has happened all that has run through my mind is wondering how I could help young people. The only way I know is by writing.

Next, I wonder will young people listen or will they think it is just an old lady talking? Does it go in one ear and out the other without even registering? I don't know, but I feel I need to do something in Dustin's name.

I have written this letter to him. In doing so I hope the young people will read it and pay a little bit of attention to what a grandmother thinks.

Dear Dustin,

I told you often how much I love you, but I don't think I ever told you how precious you were to us. I scolded you for a lot of things, and lectured you about a lot of things, from the time you were just a little guy, but none of it was because I didn't love you. I was proud of you and wanted you to do your best.

I remember taking you to school when you were in the sixth grade in the early morning, because you needed help with some class work. At that time you moaned you weren't going to do it. I remember telling you if I had to I would walk you to the door holding your hand to make sure you got there. That made you do it on your own, because you didn't want your friends to see this.

You know, I didn't do this to be mean; I did it because I wanted you to excel. If I could just see you one more time I would tell you all I ever wanted for you was for you to live to your full potential and not waste your life. I love you.



I'm asking all young people to please remember to live to your potential. God gave you the ability to learn; do it. Go out and make your life count for something. Remember your parents, grandparents and/or guardian love you and do not want to see you waste your life.

There is always someone there to listen to your problems. You may not like the answers you hear, but listen anyway. Also remember there is higher power to talk to.

Thank you,

Roxan Brown


Community must pull together

To the editor:

My husband and I are formerly from the Vermillion and Wakonda areas. I graduated from Vermillion High School, while my husband graduated from Wakonda High School.

We have been here visiting our family and friends. We had a chance to take in the Cornstock festivities at Wakonda.

I've always felt Wakonda was a strong community that was full of people who took a lot of pride in their community and school. A good example of this is the all-school reunions.

A community is a lot like a family, in that it takes a lot of support from each other to work. You need to believe and trust each other.

I have a niece that recently graduated from Wakonda High School and a niece and nephew still in the Wakonda School. I also have a brother-in-law, Daryl Henriksen, who is on the Wakonda School Board. My brother-in-law is very honest, trustworthy and hard working. He is on the school board because he believes in the education and future of the children of Wakonda.

I noticed something has changed in the area. It seems families are being torn apart, and neighbors and friends have quit speaking to each other. I found this to be very sad. The problems that have arisen all seem to be concerning the school.

I have worked several years for the Hazen School System and I realize that there are advantages and disadvantages to a bigger school. Our schools have around 900+ students. Our classes are larger and every teacher I know wishes her class was smaller. The reason is the one-on-one time with a student isn't always there in a bigger class. A student who is struggling doesn't always get the attention needed. The chances of field trips and more hands-on projects are harder to come by. A bigger school has bigger problems.

This is a very hard world to live in and we as parents need to help our children to grow up and become responsible adults. They need to have the best education they can receive. I feel the community is a big part of the school.

The people of Wakonda elected their school board members because they knew these people would do what's best for your child. It's now time for the community to start trusting and believing in them.

Give the school board a chance.

Families and friends reach our to each other, bring your community together. The Wakonda area would be so much better if you worked together to better your school and community. We all need to believe and trust.

Karen Henriksen

Hazen, ND

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