Letters Naming should be resolved with vote

To the editor:

I read with great interest Paul Hasse's letter regarding the naming of "the bridge." Some checking has revealed that the name is NOT set in stone, and that the "naming" is strictly a matter of local politics.

I think "The Lewis & Clark Bridge" is an excellent name for the bridge for many reasons. I also think such an important issue should be resolved by public debate and vote, not by committee. While possibly not CNN material, I think both South Dakota and Nebraska Public Television should contribute time and a forum for this example of democracy in action.


Casey Davidson


Congratulations for Legion tournament

To the editor:

I would like to congratulate the city of Vermillion for putting on such an outstanding State B Legion Baseball Tournament.

The field, as well as the ball park facilities, were in excellent shape. The work of all those involved in order to get the park in that condition was very much appreciated.

Thanks for the hospitality shown throughout the week. The many people, businesses and organizations who ran the tournament were exceptional! Your hard work and organization will remain as a lasting impression with all those who attended the tournament.

I have umpired many Legion state tournaments in the last two decades. The Brookings tournament of 1989 and this year's Vermillion tournament rank in my mind as the best ever!


Randy Bertram

Letter includes excellent suggestion

To the editor:

In a recent Plain Talk, the author of the letter "Bridge should honor Lewis & Clark," had an excellent suggestion. Name the SD 19 border bridge in honor of Lewis & Clark.

The Vermillion area is very much a part of their exploration. They traversed the Missouri River when the channel was where Cotton Park is now and they traveled to Spirit Mound.

I think the suggested name is very fitting and would like to see great public support for it. The letter stated: with support from nearby communities, adjacent county governments and local historical groups, the South Dakota Transportation Commission and the Nebraska Department of Roads wold consider such a proposal.

Mary M. Merrigan


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