Letters Local families need our prayers

To the editor:

I just lost my grandson in a car accident. He was only 17 and would have been a senior this year at Vermillion High School.

It was a senseless accident, but nevertheless an accident. It happened when three young kids were having the best time of their young lives with no idea of what was ahead for them.

For one of them it was the rest of his life, and now he is in a kinder place than he lived. Because in the place he was at this last year, he was not treated real well by a few of the kids in school and the school system itself. Yes, in case you didn't know it, the school was locked down because a few kids did not care for the music that my grandson liked and said he was going to shoot the school up on the anniversary of the Columbine, CO shooting. This all took place because of a dispute between the bands ICP and Eminem.

I could name names of who was responsible, but it is beside the point. Dustin was harassed over the clothes he wore and the jewelry he wore, because of his taste of music, when at the same time the kids that made up this vicious lie were allowed to wear their insignia clothing.

Why are people labeled even at this young age? Dustin never used drugs, he never smoked and as far as drinking, he might have tried it, but did not like it. He was just a straight, clean cut kid. Only God knows why he isn't with us now.

The next is a young lady who is fighting to come back. She is only 16. I cannot imagine what her parents are going through. As a community we all need to pray for this family, but we also need to remember it is God's will, not ours.

The third is a young man who needs our prayers and love, more than the rest do at this time. He was driving the car in which his very best friend in the world was killed. Also, his girlfriend was seriously injured. This young man would give up his own life if this had not have happened, but it did and it was just an accident where there was no drugs, booze, or anything else involved. Just three kids out having the time of their lives.

I would like to see the community rally around this young man and his family. Please, give him all of the support in the world. He is going to need it to help. Please help him!

A loving grandmother,

Roxan Brown

Open enrollment is a blessing

To the editor:

Math � Demand It! Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus. Is it taught in your school today? This is a big sign on the wall in the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls that I noticed yesterday. Can the students in the upper grades get these results in Wakonda? They couldn't when our seven were students there.

For three of our kids, Wakonda's education met their needs to a certain degree, but to the four who chose to go to the School of Mines, it was lacking in math, very badly. Their classmates had had calculus in junior high. That was from 32 years ago then our first one encountered the lack of math in high school to when our last one started at Mines 16 years ago.

Now all these years later I overheard a mother whose son was attending Madison complaining that he was having a hard time with math. And his name was on the honor roll all through high school Hasn't changed one bit!

I can compare my two granddaughters, who graduated from Stevens High in Rapid, who started at Mines where their dad went to school, start out in Calculus II. Also another whose daughter is going to Norman, OK, with the same kind of advantage.

How well I remember when we were trying to get a new school built some 30 years ago and the only thing that was important then was a gymnasium. How many students who graduate make sports their life's work?

Today, more than ever the emphasis is on science and math. My kids are a long time down the road from the studies at Wakonda but I feel very strongly that those of you who are pushing for a new building at this time are not thinking of the education of the students.

A friend of mine home schooled her children and when her son registered for high school in Gayville there was nothing there for him, she ended up driving him to Vermillion. The new school building did nothing for him and neither will the school building that is planned for Wakonda. Open enrollment is surely a blessing for those that want a higher degree in learning.

Roma Halvorson


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